Version 1.57 online

Version 1.57 online

This Version updates the VR library and contains some corrections (Help / Statistics) – Thanks to Matthias Döllinger for reporting.

Version 1.50 online

Version 1.50 online

Due to some bugfixes for elder Android versions (4.4), a new release is online. It also contains a first integration of Google Cardboard – to be found in Preparation / VR.

Version 1.49 online

Version 1.49 online.

The new version fixes some bugs (Apnoe Walk Interval, Typos, Calendar Reminder, Crash).
Practice includes articles on pressure equalization and equipment.
There is a revised online help.
With a small game you can distract or think about nothing important.
In addition, you do not need a Google Account for the Ranking any longer.

Version 1.45 online

Version 1.45

Major improvement in this version is the inclusion of online content. This happens to be the help pages on the one hand. Further, there will be new categories, for instance Practice which will give you information about Equalization.

Version 1.44 online

Version 1.44

Technical improvements
– Runs in background
– User input is checked and validated
– Customizable font size
– Export contains optional app log file
– Many bug fixes

– Lung volume for training record
– Statistics (diagrams) – first version (feedback appreciated)

ATTENTION! Previous database exports cannot be imported again. Import data before doing an update.