Hello Freediver!
The App will help you in improving your Apnea skill.
On each training and exercise, you will find a help menu at the top right corner. There
you get further information on what’s going on.  Help / Fundamentals will give you
some valuable information.
And now, let’s start. Here are some tips on your training:
  • Switch you cell phone into flight mode. Calls, SMS and EMails are distracting!
  • Don’t do your training after a meal. Wait for at least 3 hours.
  • Do enough preparation on your traing. Breathing exercise, meditation or just relaxation helps you very well.
  • Whenever you don’t stand a table, don’t break your training but try to continue at your very best.
  • Don’t be too cozy! Training should be a challenge.
  • Camera Recording helps to recognize tension, for instance face, neck, mouth… Learn to relax!
Features like Camera Recording are implemented in first version.
It could happen that there are some problems on slow or None Mainstream devices.
Please don’t write an evil recession but send a short feedback mail with information
about your device, what you did and what happend. I’ll get in contact with you
as fast as possible and the problem will be fixed fast.