Visual VR

With the visual VR you can prepare for Apnea. For this you need a cardboard and a slideshow with at least one 3D image. You can find such a picture either on the Internet or you can take a panorama photo with your camera. The panorama photo offers only limited “VR Feeling”.

In the app you can make the following settings:

  • Settings for Visually
    • Slideshow
      Select one of your slideshows here. A slideshow can also consist of a picture.
    • Image
      Select one of your slideshow’s image here. An image should be a 3D image.
    • Stereo Image
      An image is either Mono (“regular” panorama photo) or stereo with full 3D effect.

    • Music playlist
      Here you can select a play list to play while the slideshow is displayed.